Donald Trump the Queen

Donald Trump plans an official visit to Great Britain for October

Despite the fact he is not exactly the Queen’s favorite person, Her Majesty will struggle to pretend the opposite for a few days.

However, her American counterpart believes his visit will represent an honor for the Queen so he demanded a ridiculous thing.

Apparently, among other requests, Donald Trump required a ride in Queen Elizabeth’s golden carriage while they are making the tour of London.

Unfortunately for Donald Trump, the awkward request is simply impossible, especially when it comes to security.

The entire capital should be surrounded by hundreds of special units and officers, just to fulfill Trump’s trifle.

The last state leader who benefited from this honor was the Chinese president Xi Jingping in 2015.

Hosted by the Queen herself, these visits last a few days and they are extremely pompous.

Usually, they include a carriage ride to the Buckingham Palace and an official banquet organized at the palace.

The official invite for Donald Trump was initiated by Prime-Minister Theresa May, a few days after his presidential win.