India bus crash

More than 44 people died in a severe car accident in Himachal Pradesh, northern India.

The passengers were traveling by a bus when the large vehicle capsized all of the sudden and fell into a coulee.

The bus belonged to a private company and carried nearly 56 people before collapsing into a river.

At the scene, numerous emergency units and ambulances rushed to help the survivors.

The exact cause of the tragedy is still a mystery

However, the survivors and a few witnesses revealed to the police, the driver was maneuvering recklessly and lost control of the vehicle in the rugged terrain.

“A preliminary report shows that a private bus fell into a gorge and has killed more than 40 people. The latest report given to me shows 44 people have been killed,” Rohan Chand Thakur, district commissioner of Shimla, told AFP.

Tragedies and light car crashes are constantly unfolding on the narrow and abrupt roads from the Himalayan region of India.

According to the national authorities, only in 2016, no less than 150.000 people died while they were driving or traveling in that area.