British police

The British police are adopting new prevention measures after the terrorist attacks that involved vehicles.

Apparently, the officers are now allowed to shoot the terrorist drivers in order to stop their evil plans and prevent other tragedies, reported BBC.

In the past, the UK police officers were not allowed to shot someone who is behind a wheel because of the risks.

Now, the authorities are changing the strategy because the number of such attacks is increasing day by day.

Besides the one that happened in London, similar attacks also took place in London, Nice, Berlin, and Stockholm.

Furthermore, the policemen will shoot the drivers with specially created ammunition meant to pass through the windshield and car doors.

According to some security experts, in the past, the policemen were frequently hurt by the bullets that ricocheted from the vehicles.

Unfortunately for them, when a car or truck is used as a weapon of destruction, the methods to stop it are limited.

‘Driving a vehicle in front of these guys will not stop them. So you have to shoot the driver’, explained officer Simon Chesterman.

Last month, terrorist Khalid Masood killed four people after he ran the pedestrians with a jeep on the Westminster Bridge.

Another unfortunate aspect when it comes to these attacks is that terrorists don’t require a special training.

‘Is cheap and anyone can do it. These actions are spontaneous’, explained French politician Sebastien Pietrasanta.

All the attacks were claimed by terrorist organization ISIS.