France election

The candidates for France’s presidency are struggling to win as many electors as possible just days ahead of their first round of the election

All of them went through dozens of electoral meetings and the surveys pinpoint a tight race for the chair from Elysee.

Since Sunday, the French people is being urged to show up at the polls in order to choose their future president.

The far-right candidate, Marine Le Pen traveled to Marseille, the city where the police ruined the plans of two terrorists just a couple of days ago, in order to unfold a campaign meeting.

Le Pen has no plans to leave behind the attacks upon the immigrant community, declaring that if she becomes a president, she will impose a new security point at the borders.

‘They want to transform France into a giant camp! The French people are the owners of France and they must decide who can move here’, affirmed Marine Le Pen.

The independent candidate from the center-left camp, Emmanuel Macron, is now in the western part of the country in Nantes, where she is promoting a façade of someone who is worthy of taking care of the country’s safety.

He attacked his rival Jean-Luc Melenchon, who is posing as this hero of peace that advised France to leave NATO.

However, the surveys are crediting Macron and Le Pen as the favorites with 22.5% and, respectively, 23.5%.

After the first round of the election, the candidates who will occupy the first two positions will enter in the next round of the presidential election, set to take place on 7th May.