Russia U.S election

A Russian center in charge with analyzing strategic and political data, mainly controlled by President Vladimir Putin, came with a sort of a plan to make Donald Trump look good.

The clever scam is related to the 2016 presidential election and is also meant to undermine the elector’s trust when it comes to the American electoral system, reports Reuters.

Seven American officials revealed intriguing details about two classified document created by the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, extremely valuable for the American intelligence services.

However, the American security agencies obtained these two documents after Trump won the election.

Apparently, this Russian institute is mostly run by retired Russian secret agents, who were designated by Vladimir Putin to collect data.

The first leaked document includes a strategy applied in June 2016, that recommended the initiation of a propaganda campaign unfolded on social media and international press.

The propaganda had the main purpose to encourage Americans that a president who has a better opinion about Russia is the best choice, in comparison to the Obama administration.

Meanwhile, the second document was drafted in October and represented a warning for Kremlin.

Hillary Clinton’s potential victory was not beneficial for Russia so the Russians stopped their pro-Trump campaign and started to launch a series of rumors related to an electoral fraud.

Furthermore, Russians focused on destroying Hillary Clinton’s reputation by launching anonymous documents.

These two documents represented a key used by the Obama Administration during their struggle to discover Moscow was orchestrating all those cyber-attacks.

Obviously, Vladimir Putin denied every single allegation.