Kim Kardashian ashtray

The fact that everything Kim Kardashian touches turns into gold is not exactly a novelty

Kim and her sisters are involved in every single industry present on the Earth’s surface, particularly in fields they enjoy most such as make-up, clothing, and health.

Moreover, since she became Mrs. West, Kim is the celebrity who arouses most interest and the fact that she knew how to take advantage of the situation shows that she is also a good business woman.

If her DASH stores or her fragrances were some sort of hits and helped Kim to cash small fortunes, now the Keeping Up With The Kardashians starlet is making the most unusual choices when it comes to launching other signatures products.

The most eloquent example is this ashtray or better said ‘Ass Tray’ that she launched a few days ago along with a small range of products.

The ‘Ass Tray’ is quite an unusual product, mostly because smokers can put their cigarettes out on Kim’s derriere.

To be more specific, the ashtray is carved with Kim’s buttocks and it can be all yours for $35.

Besides the unusual ashtray, Kim also launched other products related to dope, such as a t-shirt with the ‘Never Not High’ logo, rolling paper, a ‘Sorry I Was High’ Hat and a strange candle with Kim dressed as Virgin Mary.

They are all available on Kim’s official website,