Lilium Aviation flying car

Flying cars represented this dream as old as time for all futurists

However, it seems this ‘dream as old as time’ became a reality a couple of days ago, when the world’s first flying car took off smoothly.

Although most recent rumors suggested the first flying car might come from Slovakia, a recent event suggests there is an actual tight competition when it comes to this field.

German company Lilium Aviation from Munich tested its first prototype

The flying vehicle can take off and land vertically, exactly like a helicopter and operates with an ensemble of turbojets.

According to The Verge, the flying car is fueled by 36 turbo engines installed on the 10-meters-long wings.

The unique components confer a 300 kilometers autonomy for a speed of 300 km/ h.

Moreover, the electric design has an increased efficiency and consumes 90% less energy than other similar vehicles.

More accurately, the features that make this particular model more sophisticated than its rivals are the power factor and the reduced consumption.

These two advantages are all thanks to the advanced battery, the same accumulator that Tesla integrated into their models.

Although the idea of an autonomous car represents a key aspect of the company, safety is the most important thing.

In fact, Lilium is planning to test the car with human pilots as soon as possible.


  1. Alala, that is not rumor, the first flying car really came from Slovakia several years ago!
    Check recent exhibition in Monaco.