Queen Elizabeth Birthday

Today is an extremely important date for the British Royal Family because of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II is turning 91 years old.

The special day will be packed with some low-key events and celebrations dedicated to the Queen because her real birthday is in June.

Broadsided of cannon will be shot at the Tower of London and Hyde Park in order to mark the birthday of the oldest monarch in the world, who uses to celebrate her birthday only with her closest.

The Queen didn’t plan anything public for today and she will probably honor this special occasion with her nephews and grandnephews, out of sight.

Queen Elizabeth II was born on 21st April 1926 in central London, during the era of American president Calvin Coolidge and soviet leader Joseph Stalin.

Elizabeth became a queen in 1952 at the age of 25.

Despite her advanced age, the Queen is still attending at social and official events that are right not so often as in the past years but the fact that she is making efforts is something that we must commend.

However, when she didn’t grace with her presence, she designated other members of the Windsor family such as Prince Charles and her nephews.

Most of the time, Queen Elizabeth celebrates her birthday in June, when she is throwing this lavish and pompous military parade in central London.

On 5th June, the Queen’s anniversary will start with a ceremony at the St. Paul Cathedral and lunch at Westminster.