Two nuns from California are struggling to cure the world with the most awkward method

These sisters who devote their lives to God plan to help the sufferers with their ‘special’ range of medicinal products made out of… marijuana.

The nuns are cultivating and growing the plants, which they eventually sell in different forms.

Apparently, the Californians know these women as ‘the nuns from the Valley’, mostly because they dress like members of a religious community and they dedicated their lives to serve the Lord.

However, when it comes to their financial situation, they are making money by cultivating and commercializing dope.

One of them said their business was founded with the main purpose of helping as many as they can because marijuana has incredible benefits and it’s even recommended by doctors.

The marijuana consumer became legal in California in November 2016

Despite the fact the law came into force last year, ‘the nuns from the Valley’ started to sell their special creams and tinctures since 2015.

Since last year, their total profit was estimated at $750.000.

Their lab is situated in Merced and most products are sold online.

The organic remedies are great for back pain, migraines, and even hangover.

Every single bottle of tincture is ‘blessed’ by the nuns with a special prayer.