Emmanuel Macron

In the first round of the presidential election unfolded yesterday and the results confirmed our initial estimations

Emmanuel Macron, the candidate of the En Marche! Movement and Marine Le Pen, the leader of the far-right party ended up on the second places with 23. 75% and respectively 21. 53%.

Francois Fillon was placed in the third position and shortly after the final results came out, he urged the French people to vote for Macron – the unofficial winner of the presidential race.

The 39-year-old politician, Macron, might become France’s youngest president ever.

Until now, Emmanuel Macron was France’s Minister of Finance

Without too much experience in the politics world, Macron studied Political Science and worked at Rotschchild & Cie Banque in the banking investment field.

Macron’s private life, just like France’s last three presidents, was intensely debated by the press.

Mostly because he is married to Brigitte, his former high school teacher and a woman 24 years older than him.

From her previous marriage, Brigitte has three children and seven nephews.

Macron’s rival, Marine LePen is all about protecting France’s boundaries, security, and national identity.

Le Pen also promised a referendum for France’s divorce from the European Union and, during her presidential campaign, she was involved in several corruption scandals with Francois Fillon.

On the other hand, the wagging tongues claim Macron is actually a homosexual and his marriage to Brigitte is just a façade.

We are not sure if these are just rumors, but what we know for sure is that Macron has the best chances to become France’s next president.