Royals cell phones

You are probably shocked by the fact that someone actually asked this idiotic question

However, that certain person knew something since he/she dared to ask Kate and Will if they possess a cell phone.

Apparently, until recently, the members of the Royal Family were not allowed to carry a cell phone for security reasons.

Invited on a radio show, the Dukes of Cambridge clarified every single supposition related to cell phones.

In fact, Prince William was the one who confessed that he actually owns a smartphone, just like any other member of the Royal Family and there is no certain rule to forbid owning one.

“We are using these too much! We are allowed to use cell phones”, revealed Kate’s husband.

A few years ago, his younger brother Harry also showed his grandma, Queen Elizabeth, to text.

The Queen owns a cell phone since 2001 when the Duke of York gave her one.

The Duke of Cambridge served in the British military forces between 2006 and 2013

His last job in the security field was as a helicopter pilot.

After his departure from the military field, William hired as an ambulance pilot in East England.

Will is planning to quit the ambulance pilot job and move with his wife Katherine and their two kids, George and Charlotte at the Queen’s residence, on the Sandringham field in Norfolk.

According to the British press, Prince George will start school in London in September and Princess Charlotte will attend a daycare also in London.

The Queen, who celebrated her 90th birthday last year, reduced the number of her official duties and announced before Christmas that she will retire from the leading board of numerous organizations.

Talking about giving up his work as a pilot Prince William says it “has been a huge privilege to fly with the East Anglia Air Ambulance”.