The executive director of the world’s largest cement producer, French-Swiss company Lafarge-Holcim, announced his resignation.

Eric Olsen is giving up his job due to a scandal that also involves the terrorist organization ISIS.

According to a financial tabloid, before the merger with Holcim, the French company Lafarge used to pay a protection tax, through a group of middlemen, to ISIS, in order to continue its activity in a cement factory situated in northern Syria.

The exact location of the cement factory is currently controlled by the terrorists.

These funny businesses became a deal way before Eric Olsen was hired. He wrote in a press release that he didn’t even know that Lafarge had a factory in Syria.

Le Monde wrote that the French producer was accused by two different human organizations they are financing the Islamic State so that the jihadists will allow their employees to proceed with their activity.

According to the same publication, the collaboration between the terrorists and Lafarge-Holcim had taken place during 2013 and 2014 and the plant is in Jalabyia, near Rakka.

The factory was acquired before the civil war for 600 million euros. After they paid the staggering amount, the French directors struggled to make things work at all costs.

Le Monde obtained access to several emails sent by the Lafarge leading board to the terrorist organization.

The French journalists claim the agreement was only known by the directors from Paris, where Lafarge-Holcim has its headquarters.