artificial womb

A group of Philadelphia researchers developed an artificial womb, specially created to protect the lives of premature newborns.

The device was successfully tested on lambs and in less than five years it will become a critical instrument for every pediatric ward.

According to Daily Mail, the bio bag system is made of a giant plastic bag, filled with artificial nutrients and amniotic fluid.

The main purpose of the invention is to provide premature a safe environment, identical to a woman’s womb, where the fetus can develop its vital organs without encountering any problem, especially during weeks 23 and 28.


Unlike the traditional early stage incubators used in our hospitals, the new invention provides the newborn with the exact same life conditions as a real womb.

When it comes to functioning, the scientists claim the device doesn’t require a mechanical pump because any sign of pressure could become deadly for the underdeveloped heart of a premature.

The bio bag was tested on lambs and the results are quite promising.

The American scientists believe the system might become available in 2020.