After 15 months on the bench, the tennis legend is making her big comeback at the Sttutgart tournament.

Unfortunately for Maria Sharapova, the fact that she is been on a break for so long is quite obvious, especially if you take a closer look at her thighs and hips.

15 months ago, the tennis player was tested positive with meldonium and she was forced to retire from the public eye for a while.

However, it seems the experience was not exactly an ordeal for the Russian player who gained a few pounds.

During her last practice, the paparazzi caught Sharapova off guard, wearing a pair of leggings and a loose tank top.

Although she is still a beautiful and attractive woman, she was not able to lose the extra weight gained during her 15-months-break.

Today the beautiful Russian will attend her first official match after the suspension against Italian Roberta Vinci.

During these 15 months, the blonde was very active on social media, she posted images from her workout routines, she went shopping, she kept her fans informed regarding her Harvard experience and her tell-all book.

It seems that she treated this period as a break to relax, to recover and to prepare for the future.