India ambidextrous

Nearly 300 students from India learn how to write with both of their hands simultaneously

According to Daily Mirror, the pupils learned how to become ambidextrous since first grade and they and now they are able to do this in numerous foreign languages.

Nearly 10% of the world’s population is left-handed and only 1% are able to write with both hands.

Although it sounds unbelievable, all 300 pupils from the Veena Vandini school in India is able to do this.

In order to reach this level, they are practicing once per hour and 15 hours per day are exclusively dedicated to exercising.

The idea of teaching students how to become ambidextrous was of the school’s founder, who was inspired by the first president of India, who was also able to write with both hands simultaneously.

‘I read in a magazine that Rajendra Prasad used to write with both hands. Later, when I inaugurated the school in my hometown, I tried to teach my students the same thing’, revealed the founder.

He also revealed that his success drew the attention of some South Korean researchers, who want to study and write an essay about these children.