North Korea threat

American president Donald Trump believes Pyongyang is currently the world’s biggest threat

The American state leader announced on Thursday that a major military conflict between North Korea and his fleet is imminent, considering that Kim Jong-Un won’t stop developing and testing his nuclear weapons.

‘There is a pretty good chance that we end this major, major conflict with North Korea’, stated Trump during an interview with Reuters.

Although his intentions were pretty clear, Trump said that he would like to solve this in a more diplomatic way, without the intervention of the army.

‘We would like to solve these on the diplomatic way but it’s very tough’, added the president.

China is just one of the many states who expressed their support towards the diplomatic process of disarming North Korea,

‘We received the message transmitted by the Americans and we hope that North Korea’s nuclear problem will become solved in a pacifist way’, stated the spokesperson of China’s Ministry of External Affairs.

On the other hand, Donald Trump is not very convinced by president Xi Jinping’s ability to solve the situation.

‘I really believe he is trying a lot. He is a good person. He is a very good person and I got to know him very well. I said it from the begging: he loves China and the Chinese people. I know he would want to do something but he might not be able to do anything’, declared Donald Trump.