smartphones color

Smartphones represent a crucial part of our lives

Besides the fact our entire lives depend on these devices, smartphones can also become cool fashion accessories.

Fashion is exactly why the world’s most known producers carefully chose the design and the color palettes.

According to a survey made in 2016, the most popular shade when it comes to the process of buying a smartphone was black with a result of 34. 63%.

On the second position, worldwide users chose white with 23. 55% and cyan situated on the third place with 8%.

However, the world’s largest manufacturers are not taking into account these surveys when they are launching new devices.

Most times, they are carefully thinking at the message a certain color will transmit to the world.

For example, Samsung Galaxy S8 comes in: black, silver, gray, blue and gold

Apple, on the other hand, comes in: black (two shades), red, silver, gold and golden rose.

According to psychologists, only 20% of the times when we are in the position of choosing a certain color for our phone we do that consciously.

But the rest of the time, our subconscious dictates everything. That’s why in the most important rankings related to smartphones, color is one of the last characteristics.

The researchers from Nokia made this interesting experiment

They presented in front of a group of people four Lumia smartphones in cyan, white, fuchsia, black and they asked them to choose the right color.