Johnny Depp psychiatric

In order to set the record straight, let’s just remind that Johnny Depp sued his managers, whom he accused of stealing $2.5 million.

The company, TMG Management Group, filed a counterclaim, in which they mentioned the troubled star splurged an arm and a leg on, literally, anything, unless on his taxes.

Apparently, Depp spent $30.000 on his favorite wine, $75 million on renovation projects for his 14 apartments, his island from the Bahamas and the farm in Kentucky.

In addition, the world’s most famous pirate splurged $5 million on a cannon in order to spread the ashes of a beloved friend, at the funeral.

‘It’s my concern on what I’m spending my own money’, Amber Heard’s ex-husband during an exclusive interview for Wall Street Journal.

His statement was branded by the guys from TMG as the most eloquent proof that he has mental problems.

In order to defend and to prove they are telling the truth, the American company stated Johnny Depp has an obsessive-compulsive behavior and they required the complete psychiatric examination of the star.

The lawsuit was initiated by Johnny’s legal team last year

Since he separated from his much younger wife, Amber Heard, the actor seems completely disoriented.

Sources claim Depp turned to the bottle and he became very aggressive.

Moreover, on the set of the fifth part of the Pirates of the Caribbean series, he also got into an argument with the producers.