World's oldest man

The Indonesian, who allegedly held the record for the world’s oldest person, left this world on Monday at the age of 146, reports The Guardian.

In his personal documents, Sodimedjo’s date of birth was December 1870, which means he was 43 when World War I triggered and 70 during the World War II.

A heavy smoker and quite a womanizer, the Indonesian had four wives and died in his native village.

The man was not registered in the Guinness Book of Records because Indonesia didn’t have an evidence of people until 1900.

However, a group of Indonesian officials declared for BBC the man’s date of birth appears on his social security card and many journalists came to interview him in the past.

His nephew revealed his condition got worse after he came from the hospital and refused to eat or to drink water.

‘It only lasted a few days. He didn’t ask for too much. Before he died, he asked us, his family to leave in peace’.

Former farmer and fisherman, the old Indonesian used to say the secret behind his advanced age are his beloved ones, who took good care of him.

Sodimejdo was quite a star in his village, where he used to delight locals with charming stories about the war.

Currently, the world’s oldest person is Jamaican Violet Brown, who just turned 117.