Their plants are not exactly offering the friendliest working environment and this confirmation makes everything clearer than ever

In the summer of 2016, Deijan Zeng spent six weeks working in an iPhone factory, situated near Shanghai.

The schedule is draining, the shifts last for 12 hours and during noon you take a nap in a common room.

Zeng’s job was to install the speakers into the phone’s case and then to fix it with a bolt.

At the beginning, he could barely keep the pace with the assembly line but in a few weeks, the repetitive task became a reflex.

The youngster revealed he was sleeping with seven others and the living area was 10 minutes away from the plant.

After you go into your turn, you have a 10-minutes-break to take a nap or go to the bathroom.

After two hours, the employees enter in their lunch break, where for 50 minutes, they serve vegetables or noodles.

However, according to Zeng, although the food was not exactly delicious if you wanted to grab something you had to pay for it.

After the employees finish their shift, they return ‘home’, take a quick shower and wake up the next day.