Victoria's Secret diet

 The two youngsters decided to test the Victoria’s Secret diet

According to Candace Lowry and Michelle Khare, the entire process lasted four days, during which they documented every single moment.

‘I would not wish this on my worst enemies!’, confessed one of the authors of the experiment.

The Victoria’s Secret angels follow the strictest diet ever, especially two months before the annual show, followed by millions.

The explicit details regarding their eating habits before the big show were revealed a few days ago by none other than Adriana Lima.

For nine days straight, Adriana consumes nothing but protein shakes with egg powder and almost four liters of water.

Then, two days ahead the fashion show, the angels drink only 3.75 liters of water.

12 hours before the show, they stop drinking or eating anything, including water.

Candace and Michelle tried to keep up with the diet but the process is so rough, they claim ‘no one should ever try this’.

‘This diet is terrible and I would not wish this on my worst enemies!. This is not a healthy way of losing weight and it’s also weird.  No average human being should ever experience this and models must represent the people who buy the clothes’, confessed Michelle.

If the first day was acceptable, during the second Michelle burst into tears and branded the diet as ‘all about surviving’.