Barack Obama Macron

Former American president Barack Obama is backing French politician Emmanuel Macron in the second ballot during France’s presidential election, reports CNN.

Barack Obama posted a video message on Twitter, through which he expressed his support for France’s center-right candidate Emmanuel Macron.

‘I admired the campaign of Emmanuel Macron. He fought for the liberal valued, pinpointed the importance of the role France has in Europe and in the world. He promised a better future for the French people’, suggested Obama during the clip.

Obama added that he doesn’t want to involve in any electoral campaign but France’s presidential election is extremely important for Europe’s future.

‘Precisely because they are so important, I want you to know I am backing Emmanuel Macron’, revealed Barack Obama.

On Wednesday evening, the two candidates attended to a public debate

The meeting between Macron and Marine Le Pen was, as we all expected, prevailed by shocking statements and tough sieges.

Emmanuel Macron, the favorite candidate so far, received numerous low blows from his rival.

However, he knew exactly what to respond, by pinpointing Le Pen is ‘brutal’ and ‘capable of generating a civil war’.

They argued for more than two hours and the political debate was watched by 16 million people.

Without too much experience into the politics world, Macron studied Political Science and worked at Rotschchild & Cie Banque in the banking investment field.

Macron’s private life, just like France’s last three presidents, was intensely debated by the press.

Mostly because he is married to Brigitte, his former high school teacher, a woman 24 years older than him.