Adylkuzz virus

Despite the fact WannaCry is starting to lose ground, the Adylkuzz threat is way more complex and more dangerous than the first ransomware.

The new cyber threat, also known as Adylkuzz, is more dangerous than the first one because it’s taking advantage of Window’s only vulnerability, which allows hackers to produce money in virtual form.

WannaCry is a ransomware that crypts your data but its successor is totally different

Adylkuzz was created to hide from all protection systems and uses its computing power to generate money.

In addition, the attackers are blocking the vulnerability protocol to ensure they are the only benefactors.

In case you suspect you are one of the victims, it’s actually pretty simple to figure out if you’re affected or not.

When Adylkuzz is in effect, the processor is used at a maximum capacity so other applications will show you errors.

First of all, as a prevention method, the most important measure that you can adopt is to update your Windows because this virus uses a flaw present in the older version of the system.

So, in case you have Windows 10 and you made all your updates, everything should be just fine.