David Beckham’s acting debut is not exactly something that he should brag about

Although the critics are enjoined from commenting until the movie is released, the netizens ‘took care’ of it.

Social media is on fire with the first trailer of King Arthur was released

The movie directed by David’s  bestie Guy Ritchie is set to hit the theaters from the UK on 19th May.

Until then, we get to relish this sneak peek in which King Arthur interpret by Charlie Hunnam is chatting with his knights.

One of the knights is his trustworthy man, Trigger, portrayed by England’s former captain, David Beckham.

Although Beckham’s line is probably one of the few that the former football legend will get to utter, the fans are not impressed.

David’s performance was branded as ‘poor’ and even ‘embarrassing’

Sorry, Becks but this is the most eloquent proof that you should’ve stick to sports and modeling.

In the trailer, King Arthur asks: ‘Where do you want me?’ and the sports star answers: ‘Bouncing on my knee? Where do you think I want you?’

We think it would be better for David to avoid social media or any tabloid these days because his cinematographic debut was literally crashed.

One user shared: ‘It is simultaneously very funny, extremely predictable, and absolutely depressing that David Beckham is in King Arthur.’

Meanwhile, other netizen wrote that not even David Beckham could save Ritchie’s catastrophic production.