Dwayne Johnson president

Dwayne Johnson revealed during an exclusive interview that he doesn’t think the idea of running for president sucks, reports ABC News.

Former wrestling champion and one of Hollywood’s best-paid actors, Dwayne Johnson claims that he truly respects the political system from U.S.

Moreover, when Hillary Clinton and current president Donald Trump announced their candidacies, he struggled for months in order to decide which one deserves his vote.

The American star believes his nomination during America’s future presidential election is a ‘real deal’.

In 2016 the press speculated and wrote about this ‘possibility’ for months and some journalists even addressed the question directly to the former wrestler

‘Last year, they talked about this a lot and I have a feeling things might get serious. So, I said << Allow me to seriously think about this and then I will offer you guys a real and respectful answer. I don’t want to seem shallow>>’, revealed Dwayne for GQ.

Talking about a potential career in politics, The Rock added:

‘Personally, I think if I would become a president, keeping my cool will be the most important thing. I also think that assuming responsibility for everyone is also crucial. I would never kick out or fire anyone who stands against me. I will discuss the problem first’, added the star.

When the guys from GQ required his opinion on Trump’s attitude during his first 100 days at the White House, Dwayne preferred to refrain from commenting.