East European Pakistani

Organized crime groups from East Europe are forcing women to get married

Everything was revealed during an investigation conducted by BBC, also known as ‘Humans for Sale’.

Humans for Sale show how women from Romania and Slovakia are fooled by fictional recruiting agencies in Scotland, who promise to offer them well-paid contracts as maids and nannies.

Instead of cleaning houses or taking care of elders, these women end up marrying Pakistani men, who want to become permanent residents in the United Kingdom.

Angelika Molnar works at Europol and she is specialized in human trafficking

According to the expert, these women are lured with well-paid jobs but the reality is as the opposite edge.

‘They discover the truth when the Pakistani community tells them there is no contract or job and, in exchange, they have to get married to Pakistani men’, declared Angelika Molnar.

Apparently, the Pakistani ‘grooms’ want to remain in Scotland and in order to become permanent residents they have to marry a woman from the European Union.

And this is how women from Slovakia and Romania end up marrying with them.

Incredibly, during their investigation, the BBC reporters met a Slovakian woman who was trafficked in Glasgow three times in a row.

‘After marriage, these women become sex slaves or maids in the Pakistani community’, added Molnar.