Emmanuel Macron wife

Several publications criticized French president Emmanuel Macron and claimed that he is living ‘a parallel life’.

During an exclusive interview with Le Parisien, Emmanuel Macron stated that if his wife was younger than him, the world would’ve never question the validity of their relationship.

The youngest president of France believes these accusations are launched by that homophobic and misogyny side of society.

During Macron’s electoral campaign, a Republican French deputy stated during an interview for Sputnik that Macron is, in fact, gay and he is also involved in a secret relationship with the CEO of Radio France.

Obviously, the severe accusation was never backed by a proof but, instead, they were heavily promoted by the Russian press.

The president-elect of France says the rumors of him being gay is, in fact, an aggressive propaganda which talks about homosexuality like it would an illness.

‘These people lost the sense of reality. It’s a big problem with the way the woman is seen in society’, replied Macron.

He also said these rumors are ‘destabilizing’ for his close ones and it’s ‘truly sad’ that politics is no longer civilized.

Emmanuel Macron and Brigitte Trogneux

The new First Lady of France, Brigitte Trogneux is 64-years-old and she was also Emmanuel’s drama teacher in high school.

The pair got married in 2007 when Macron was almost 30 and Brigitte 54.

His parents were against their relationship since the beginning.