iPhone 8 flagship

The device from the photos is, allegedly, the new flagship from Apple, also known as iPhone 8

The images were leaked by an anonymous person who wanted to reveal to users the final appearance of the year’s most anticipated smartphone.

However, the first thing that becomes obvious is the fact that iPhone 8 does not have a physical Home button.

So, the chances of an integrated fingerprint sensor are pretty high

These images showcase a smartphone that pretty much resembles its predecessors, but on the back side, users can check out the vertical system of the dual photo camera.

Also, the volume buttons are placed on the left side, while the ‘Turn On’ button placed on the right.

The frontal side is covered with a 2.5 D glass layer with curved edges but the photos are not offering information about the used panel.

We already know that Apple ordered no less than 200 million OLED displays

In the bottom area, there is a Lightning port, flanked by speakers. The 3.5 mm audio jack is missing and the metallic border is reminding us of the traditional iPhone 4 or 4s.

Usually, the new devices are unveiled in September but this year’s event might be postponed for late fall because the fingerprint sensor represents a literal challenge for Apple’s engineers.