Italy divorce

Incredible situation in Italy, where the government passed the ‘faster divorce’ law

In Milan, people wait in lines in order to legally separate from their estranged partners, reports

On Wednesday, in the world’s capital of fashion, more than 1.000 persons sat in the interminable line in order to initiate the divorcing procedure.

According to the local press, ten judges are taking care of these fast divorces on daily basis and in a single day, they managed to verify nearly 250 applications.

This new law is allowing Italian couples to end their marriage within six months if it is uncontestable.

Meanwhile, the ones who chose the hard way, the waiting time could prolong to a few years.

This new law applies to all couples, regardless of whether they have minor children, and can be applied retrospectively to couples who have already been granted a legal separation.

Previously a three-year separation was required in either case and, whilst not being particularly permissive given that a separation period is still needed, this legislation will speed up the civil process and is, therefore, a welcome change.