Italy stealing food

The Italian government adopted a new law meant to reduce wasted food by encouraging supermarkets and farmers to donate the unsold products, writes The Independent.

Although the main purpose of the new legislative project is to reduce the impressive amount of wasted food, the Italian people branded it as ‘controversial’.

Currently, the food labeled as ‘wasted’ by Europeans could easily feed 200 million people, according to the Global Organization fir Food and Agriculture.

In addition, the new law is encouraging people to have their orders to go whenever they dine in restaurants.

The objective is to diminish the amount of five million tons to at least four and to accomplish this, the process of donating is the most advantageous because it requires to taxes.

Wasting food is costing the Italian government over 12 billion euros per year, the equivalent of 1% of the country’s GDP.

All these in the context of a country whose national debt reached alarming levels and the unemployment rate is 11.5 %.

In order to ensure the law will have maximum results, a courtroom from Italy decided to transform the gesture of stealing food into a legal action, but only if you’re poor and hungry.