The woman decided to go to the movies with a man that she met on a dating website

According to an American tabloid, the pair decided to go to Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 but shortly after the movie started, the woman refused to stop texting on her smartphone.

Her date, Brandon Vezmar became so pissed off that he decided to… sue her.

Moreover, the 37-year-old also demanded a financial compensation of $17,231, which in fact is the price that he paid for her ticket.

‘It was the date from hell’, declared the man.

Apparently, after Brendan told her to leave the phone, she left the movie theater.

Meanwhile, the woman doesn’t share the same opinion by claiming that she only sent two or three texts.

‘I was holding my phone down without bothering anyone’, replied the ‘date from hell’.

On Twitter, the opinions are mixed

Some believe the man is 100% entitled to sue her, while others believe he will lose more money in the lawsuit.