North Korea cyber attack

North Korea is alleged, behind the massive cyber-attack that struck the entire world by infecting no less than 200.000 computers from all around the world, reports one of the world’s most influential cyber-security companies.

The same experts believe the attack was orchestrated by the so-called organization Lazarus, who in the past initiated the same malware upon Sony Pictures.

One of Google’s top researchers, Nell Mehta posted the image of a code that pinpoints some similarities between the WannaCry virus and a failed cyber-attack attempt of North Korea.

Mehta is not the only expert who noticed these similarities.

‘We believe this could be the key to solving a major part of the mystery’, declared the team from Kaspersky.

The CEO from Intezer Labs, Itai Tevet, shares their opinion.

‘Intezer Labs confirms the #WannaCry was initiated by North Korea. More details to come’, wrote the CEO on Twitter.

In 2016, the North Korean government stole no less than $81 million from Bangladesh’ Central Bank. They are investing in new malware programs and in the last eight years, they initiated numerous cyber-attacks upon other industrial companies, media institutions, and financial centers.

However, other governments believe the cyber-attack is, in fact, the plan of some Russian hacking group called Fancy Bear.