Sednaya crematory

A group of American officials accused the Syrian regime of hiding a crematory in one of their national detention centers in order to kill people without leaving any trace.

The American government believes the al-Assad administration build the crematory in one of their largest military prisons near Damascus.

Stuart Jones served as America’s ambassador to Iran and Jordan and he is convinced the crematory is used by Bashar al-Assad to get rid of the bodies from his mass killings.

‘A credible source declared most bodies were thrown in a mass grave’, revealed Stuart Jones.

‘We believe the Syrian regime built the crematory inside the Sednaya prison’, added Jones.

An international data report, created in February, revealed almost 50 persons were hanged per week in the Sednaya prison.

Also, the same report suggests in the last four years, between 5.000 and 13.000 persons found their end in that horrible place.

The same American official is not optimistic regarding Kremlin’s plans of interfering in Syria. He criticized Russia and Iran’s intervention by accusing these states of supporting Assad’s rough politics of annihilating the civilians.

‘These atrocities were possible only because Iran and Russia’s backed Assad’, declared Stuart E. Jones.