Tesla employees

The employees from Tesla’s plants are struggling with the harsh working conditions

Numerous workers are constantly complaining about the hard work and effort the assembly lines owned by Elon Musk require.

The American entrepreneur transformer the wrecked factory from Fremont, California into this futuristic lab, where giant robots inspired by the X-Men series are being improved and tested every single day by an army of engineers.

Musk’s appetite for electric vehicles and his promise of changing the automotive industry based on carbon dioxide fuel transformed Tesla into this force.

While Musk is taking all the credit from the media, The Tesla employees threat to sue the entrepreneur because the pressure they are forced to bear is just too much.

Since 2014, the emergency services urged to the plant from Fremont for more than 100 times because some of the employees accused dizziness, some of them passed out or lost consciousness, according to some data published by The Guardian.

Other emergency calls were initiated after the people suffered severe injuries.

However, Elon Musk admitted during an interview that his 10.000 workers are going through ‘a rough period and they are working overtime’.

He also said he cares about their health and their well-being.

‘I saw a man who fainted, he just fell on the floor like a pancake and injured his face. Then, he ordered us to work while he was lying on the ground’, declared one of Tesla’s former technicians.