Sandro Rosell arrested

The former president of FC Barcelona Sandro Rosell has been arrested on Tuesday

Rosell is one of the suspects identified by the Civil Guard and the National Police in a money laundering case initiated by the National Court.

The magistrates believe the FC Barcelona official was involved and benefited from the illegal sale of the image rights of the Spanish football team.

Rosell and several others would have later laundered the payments through fictitious companies established in tax heavens.

According to El Mundo, the massive operation took place during the same period when Rosell sealed some business agreements with the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), before becoming the president of Barca.

Via his company – Ailanto Marketing- he obtained financial gains for years from those sports rights of the ‘Seleçao’.

To avoid being caught, the money would have been diverted to opaque funds.

Among those implicated in this alleged laundering plot would be the former president of the Brazilian football Federation, Ricardo Teixeira, as well as former officials from the Brazilian football world.

Rosell is also accused for Neymar’s contract with Barça when he was president.

The Prosecutor’s Office is seeking five years’ imprisonment for the former leader for alleged crimes of corruption in business and fraud.