Ariana Grande Manchester

Artist Ariana Grande contacted the affected families who lost their loved ones on Monday night during the concert that she held at Manchester Arena.

The 23-year-old singer returned to her home in Florida shortly after the suicide attack, in which 22 people have perished.

Ariana Grande felt so bad and heartbroken about what happened that she decided to offer financial support to every single affected family.

She already postponed the shows she had scheduled in the UK, Belgium, Poland, Germany and Switzerland in order to fully dedicate to her cause.

Several sources have revealed to that Ariana Grande is currently “in a state of hysteria” following the terrorist attack on Monday night, and that she is incapable of conducting concerts or interviews.

The singer and her management team are “deeply worried” mostly because their safety was put to risk.

A few hours after Monday night’s tragedy, Ariana Grande published a message on the internet.

“I’m destroyed. With all my heart, I’m very, very sorry. I have no words”, wrote the American star on Twitter and Facebook.

The organizers of the show on Manchester Arena took Ariana Grande off the scene and later announced that it she is safe.