Donald Trump, Emmanuel Macron and Theresa May will all take part at the NATO summit

Defense budgets, the fight against terrorism and the relations with Russia are just a few of the main discussion topics.

Combating terrorism is not the only major topic on the agenda

The tensest talks are expected to be on defense budgets.

In fact, most of Donald Trump’s speech will revolve around financial issues.

It is expected that all 28 heads of state will demand the adoption of new national defense plans for the first time.

These plans provide for commitments to secure at least 2% of defense GDP, of which 20% is investment in equipment and research development.

Apparently, the military mission in Afghanistan is expected to continue until 2018.

The conclusion is that these Afghan security institutions are not yet self-sustaining. There is a growing demand to supplement the forces in Afghanistan.

A demand that has been made by the United States already preoccupied to supplement its forces in the area.

The NATO summit will be held tomorrow in Brussels at the new Alliance headquarters – a building that inaugurated seven years ago that cost 1.1 billion euros.