Lionel Messi sentence

The Spanish Supreme Court confirmed, today, Lionel Messi’s sentence: 21 months in prison, as reported by the Iberian press.

Meanwhile, the athlete’s father Jorge Messi was sentenced to 15 months of prison.

The last trial conducted by the Supreme Court unfolded on April 20th

However, the final decision was pronounced on Wednesday, May 24th, after the appeal initiated by Messi’s lawyers.

The two ‘convicts’ – Lionel and Jorge Messi – have demanded the annulment of the original sentence established by the court in July 2016.

Despite Messi’s attempt to get away with it, the prosecution urged the Supreme Court to not modify the 21-month prison sentence.

Although the Messi family returned the damage worth €4.1 million after, amount provided by the illegal sale of some image rights, the athlete and his father were not able to get rid of the punishment.

Messi and his father pleaded guilty to the accusation of tax fraud

Eventually, the star of Barca was sentenced to 21 months in prison and Jorge Messi’s punishment was reduced to 15 months.

Despite he was sentenced to spend time behind bars, the footballer’s freedom will not be put to risk.

In Spain, a sentence that involves less than 24 months in prison does not involve an actual imprisonment.