Flamingo posture

Flamingo birds are especially known for their signature posture, spending most of their time standing on one leg.

Their specific position has a particular utility and the researchers finally discovered the reason behind it.

According to experts, these corky birds use less energy when they are standing in this position, which also has beneficial effects for their body.

A team of researchers has shown that Flamingos actually spare their muscle groups when they adopt this particular posture.

For this exact reason, their posture is, in fact, an intelligent and conscious move, while the evolutionary process has put its mark on the development of these migratory water birds.

A passive mechanism is put into operation when the birds stand on one foot, allowing them to gain a proud posture while they spend most of their time sleeping.

Moreover, this particular species knows when they have to switch the leg, a behavior that also helps the body to regulate its temperature.

Now the experiments have helped to elucidate the mechanical secrets behind the impressive trick.

If we look closely at their position, we will notice that when they stand in one leg, the other one is directed under the body, which means the leg is oriented inward.

Moreover, the extensive study show when Flamingos adopt this particular posture they are able to stand still for hours which showcases their extraordinary stability.

Although we now understand much more about the anatomical apparatus of this species, researchers are not fully pleased with the discovery, and I think the phenomenon is not fully understood, but the study is definitely a big step forward.