Donald Trump Montenegrin

 Donald Trump made the most defiant gesture after the NATO meeting from Brussels

The American President literally humiliated Montenegrin Prime Minister Dusko Markovic who apparently was standing in his way when the group decided to take a photo.

In the video, which has become viral, Donald Trump wanted to sit in the middle of the council and in order to achieve his goal he pushed the Montenegrin Prime Minister aside.


After the awkward moment, Donald Trump acts like nothing happened and moves forwards by fixing his suit.

Asked about the incident, a White House spokesman said he didn’t see the pictures, but perhaps the president was heading for a designated place.

Yesterday, Donald Trump gathered for the first time with some EU and NATO leaders during his first official visit in Brussels.

The American state leader attended the NATO summit, where the global organization announced its joining in the international coalition against the Islamic State.

The decision was a political one because all NATO member states were already part of the US-led coalition.