Moscow NATO

The Russian Ministry of External Affairs launched on Friday a warning aimed at the members of the North Atlantic Alliance shortly after the meeting in Brussels.

The Russian diplomacy urges the NATO leaders to drop off the defensive attitude ‘until it’s not too late’.

Currently, the relation between the Moscow administration and Russia is extremely deteriorated and, most probably, the situation will not improve anytime soon.

‘Russia has not chosen this negative trend’, stated the Russian minister

“This is the result of the destructive line adopted by the Alliance, which pursues its political and military domination in Europe and the world. Until it is too late, we must stop these attempts to establish relations with our country”, added the Moscow official.

Kremlin is not very happy about NATO’s decision to fortify the eastern flank, including the rotatable forces in Romania and the activation of the Deveselu shield.

“The measures by which NATO strengthens its eastern flank, increasing its military presence and infrastructure, contravene the Founding Act concluded with Russia”, warns Putin’s diplomacy, which describes the situation as “dangerous and contrary to the interests of other NATO members.

Also on Friday, the Kremlin announced a meeting between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump will not take place, although the Russian president will officially visit France on May 29, when the White House leader is touring Europe.

“Both are in Europe, but a meeting is excluded” Russian spokesman Dmitri Peskov said.