The gorgeous singer is going through a not-so-great phase in terms of taking care of her physique, which in the past years represented a top priority for RiRi.

‘Not anymore!’ some of her fans would say

The fact that she always was a curvaceous and bootylicious woman is not exactly a secret.

Only this time, Rihanna’s curves are out of control.

According to some inside sources, the hit-maker gained no less than 11 pounds after she decided to take a break from her strict diet and fitness routine.

Some sources from her entourage claim Rihanna suffered a shock after her last ‘scale test’ and decided to take urgent measures.

The cause that triggered Rihanna’s shocking weight gain were the late junk-food cravings and a slight depression after the breakup with Drake.

Moreover, most of her social media followers believe she is finally starting to meet the end of her career and losing her sexy looks is just the first step.

“She’s stopped dieting and considers dancing for hours enough of a workout! She knows pasta and champagne are probably to blame for her fuller look these days, but that’s not stopping her. She really feels comfortable in her own skin”, revealed another insider.


    • Ok. Let’s be honest: can you imagine Rihanna shooting a video like “POUR IT UP” with a body like that? She is a public celebrity and her body, as well as her voice of course, must altogether be what they are expected to be. Otherwise, I assure she would’ve not sell a damn record. This is how superficial we people are. That’s the way it is. (remember Britney, for example or Christina Aguilera, etc..)

  1. That metabolism starts slowing down when you get older. It wouldn’t be that hard for her to drop this little bit of weight she’s gained. I struggle with it all the time myself since I’m not a teen anymore.

  2. she looks amazing and still can wear any designer, and outfit, and any combination of scantily music video costumes that you could possibly imagine. When you can afford Chanel, Prada, Gucci, and have the designers literally foaming at the mouth to work with you, at any size..then you can comment on Rihanna.

  3. I have to agree. I think she looks more curvy but I wouldn’t describe her size as fat! She’s lucky in that her weight gain seems to be boobs and hips so she keeps the hour glass look. Her face doesn’t show any sign of the gain either which suggests to me she is still in a healthy natural weight range for herself. Lets face it she was never a lollipop celebrity and she’s at a disadvantage having reached fame at such a young age. I’m sorry but most women will gain a little weight as they age, its only natural. She’s getting plenty of exercise etc so her health should be good, which should be the main thing. Skinny doesn’t automatically equate to healthy.

  4. Really? This is the average chicks size! She’s becoming a Woman! Stick thin isn’t everyone’s dream! I’m in the gym and men have told me “you better not lose too much!” If black and my black men love me thick!!!

  5. So what ?? She should diet all her life in order to be like other people want her to be ? That’s a disgusting state of mind.