Burger King Belgium

Burger King managed to infuriate the Belgian monarchy after they launched the most unusual campaign in which they urge Belgians to vote the fast-food giant as the real ruler of the country, where the US brand will launch its first franchise next month.

Representatives of King Philippe requested the local Burger King Branch, to offer an explanation for the outrageous act.

“We told them that we are disturbed by the fact they are using a royal emblem in their campaign”, said Pierre-Emmanuel De Bauw, a spokesman of the Royal Family, adding the image of the King, featured as an animated character, can’t be used for commercial purposes.

Shana Van den Broeck, a spokesman for Burger Brands Belgium, said the company is considering to change the campaign or simply to stop promoting it.

The controversial commercial suggests that King Philippe was crowned in 2013 and announces the official launch of the brand in Belgium set to take place next month.

The commercial also includes the logo: “Two kings, one crown. Who will rule? Vote now!”

The clients who decide to offer their vote to the 57-year-old ruler, will face the “Are you sure? He will not cook you French fries” question.

The commercial may have reached a neural level in Belgium, Reuters writes.

In 1950, the Belgians held a referendum meant to abolish the monarchy due to the role played by Philippe’s grandfather, Leopold III, during the Nazi occupation. Leopold had to abdicate in favor of his son, Philippe’s uncle.