Andy Petrowski

Ontario counselor Andy Petrowski replied to an email that suggested the renovation of a closed road from Horizon with the picture of a naked woman, writes CBC Canada.

After realizing the epic mistake he just did, the governor of the region, liberal Chris Bittle, demanded his immediate resignation.

According to Bittle, the whole situation is so ‘weird and unusual’ that it was his official duty to get involved and demand Petrowski’s resignation.

The counselor sent the disturbing picture that featured a naked woman standing with her feet wide open in front of the camera to 95 different email addresses.

The list also included the email of the fire service’s head and the city’s public school transport service.

Shortly after sending the email, Andy Petrowski ‘tried’ to rectify the situation and sent an apology letter, which sounded pretty much like this:

‘I apologize to everyone for the previous message. It was sent by mistake by someone who was using my iPad. I thought it was a private message. I am very sorry for this unacceptable and inappropriate message’.

After governor Chris Bittle expressed his opinion regarding the situation, other counselors also urged Petrowski to resign.