A 44-year-old man from UK might be the first HIV patient in the world who managed to cure from the disease.

His most recent medical tests didn’t found any trace of the virus into his body after he a new therapy that consisted in two phases.

The miraculous is allegedly in the experimental stage and the doctors who monitored his condition stated his recovery was indeed remarkable.

The patient is part of an experiment that actually includes 50 persons

According to The Independent, the innovative therapy is unique because its seeks and destroys HIV cells, even the so-called ‘asleep’ cells.

The trials reached human testing and the project belongs to a brilliant team of doctors from Oxford University, Cambridge University and the Imperial College of London.

This particular man who revealed so many details about the treatment, refused to reveal his identity.

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) attacks the human immune system and, most times, is transmitted through sexual intercourse or used and infected needles.

HIV destroys your T cells, essential in fighting the body against disease and it can kill you if you’re in the advanced stage.

About 36.7 million people are HIV-positive worldwide and therapies available on the market at this time can only control disease but they cannot cure it.

The new experimental treatment leads the fight against HIV to the next level and has been found to be capable of destroying any trace of virus present in the body.