‘Forgive me robot for I have sinned!’

Although it sounds like a total joke, BlessU-2 is officially the world’s first robot priest.

The world’s first robot-priest is able to bless God’s believers in five different languages, by raising his arms and activating light from his palms.

The unusual robot is also able to move his eyebrows and mouth in order to let people know when he is serious or smiling.

BlessU-2 speaks German, English, French, Spanish and Polish

In addition, the robot is equipped with a printer for prayers and blessings.

To choose a particular prayer, believers have to access the touch screen installed on the robot’s chest and choose a masculine or feminine voice.

“The idea is to stimulate the debate and think about the future of the church in a world dominated by technology and electronic devices”, revealed Volker Rahn from the Hesse Nassau Evangelist Church in Wittenberg.”

Apparently, the strategy really works because the people became curious and they really wanted to see the robot.