Georgina Rodriguez bump

The rumors regarding Georgina Rodriguez’s pregnancy are out of control

However, if we take a look at the pictures from her and Ronaldo’s vacation in Corsica, these rumors might be based on a grain of truth.

The 23-year-old beauty has an insane body, mostly because she practiced ballet for so many years.

Her incredible looks was the aspect that draw Cristiano’s attention in the first place, after they officially met at a social event in Madrid.

Since then, Real Madrid’s striker and the Spanish model are inseparable

Georgina managed to gain the love and appreciation of Ronaldo’s family and she became an important part of his life.

Every single place he travels, Georgina is constantly by his side and the football legend seems happier than ever.

Although after the split with Irina Shayk, Ronaldo swore to not get involved in another serious relationship ever again, somehow the Spanish socialite determined the striker to change his mind.

During their last trip to Corsica, Georgina and Cristiano were spotted by the paparazzi on the beach and the brunette wore nothing but a sarong.

However, the sarong revealed a growing baby bump instead of Georgina Rodriguez regular toned stomach.

Her beau seemed more protective and caring than ever and he literally glued to her.

So, if the rumors prove to be real, we are nothing but happy for the pair.