Bioquark dead people

A startup from Philadelphia is planning to restore life to dead people

The company is called Bioquark and their project raised SO MANY exclamation points among the scientific and ethical community that researchers became even more motivated to take the experiment further.

So far, the team reached that stage where they are trying to revive brain death patients with a stem cells based therapy.

The project was supposed to be finalized in 2016 but it was postponed because they are currently testing the most recent results on a group of 20.

Apparently, the ‘subjects’ will be injected with stem cells, isolated from the blood or fat.

After this step, the researchers will administrate a protein mixture into the spinal cord in order to stimulate the development of new neurons.

Over the next 15 days, laser therapy and nerve stimulation is being performed to encourage new neurons to communicate.

Each of the necessary steps has a scientific basis, but the whole process is highly controversial.

Although the technique may have limited success for coma patients, coma and brain death are very different and Bioquark’s trial raises more questions than offers answers.

One of the issues is the approval ‘offered’ by their patients: how on Earth they are able to give their consent if they are death?

There are also questions about the possible success of the experiment: if brain activity revives, what would be the condition of the patient?