Lithuania fence

Lithuania initiated the construction project for a massive fence, situated at the border with Kaliningrad.

The plan was officially announced early this year and, on Tuesday, the company who won the project started to build the first segment of the 130-kilometers-long metal fence.

The purpose of the project is to reduce illegal migration and smuggling and, of course, to secure and strengthen EU’s external border.

The fence will be over seven feet tall and will be equipped with a bunch of surveillance systems and drones.

According to the Lithuanian government, the entire project will cost around 3, 6 million euros.

The fence will pass through two regions of the country, including the area that surrounds the Nemuras river – the natural barrier between Lithuania and Kaliningrad, the same spot where the Russians have a military base.

As stated by Lithuanian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Eimutis Misiunas, revealed the fence will be finished by the end of the year.