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Biosensing tattoos will become the best and most efficient tool to analyze your physical condition

Tattoos will no longer be just a fun way to decorate your body.

Instead, these permanent marks will become portable devices meant to check your general health condition.

The medical breakthrough was developed by several research institutes, including MIT and Harvard, who named the project Derma Abyss.

These tattoos are made with a special ink in which the researchers integrated biosensors.

Thanks to these elements, you tattoo will change color in order to signal every single change in your metabolism.

The hi-tech ink analyzes your levels of sodium, glucose and pH and changes its color every time something is wrong.

When it comes to your pH, your tattoo becomes pink or purple.

The glucose level is signaled with blue or brown.

In this way, smart tattoos are useful in detecting diabetes, dehydration, or an increased pH level.

Although the tattoos have only been tested on pig skin researchers claim that the response of the general public is very favorable, which means there is a market for consumers who will benefit from innovation.